About RTM Solutions.

RTM has been designed under one simple ethos

"Open Systems!"

This allows communication between all types of equipment, from any supplier.

About Us.

RTM (Real Time Monitoring) Solutions is an Australian-owned technology company, with its National Head Office in Brisbane, serving and supporting Customers Nationwide since 2012.

After going by the name LAS (Local Alarm Solutions) for the past 12 years, we recently changed our name to RTM Solutions (Real-time Monitoring Solutions), which we feel more accurately represents who we are and the solutions we provide to our Customers.

Working across a large number of different vertical markets, with a strong focus and commitment to, Hospital and Aged Care, we have gained significant knowledge and experience in assisting organisations in maximising the value and effectiveness of their existing systems.

With a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Australian industries and compliance, and in partnership with Microsoft and Samsung, we work very closely with our customers, supporting their service and growth with RTM technology and ever-evolving connecting hardware technologies.

Choosing RTM means the best solution to manage your alerts and alarms for your Healthcare or Aged Care facility without fear your choice will become redundant over time. RTM provides centralised, real-time reporting solutions on any device, with technology, anywhere, anytime.

What is RTM?

RTM is a server and software platform solution that connects information from multiple systems.

This connected information can input events to be viewed and reported on simultaneously and converted into outputs communicated to other systems.

RTM operates in real-time and will monitor and track electronic assets connected to it. The real-time-monitoring software allows communication between all equipment types from any supplier. 

RTM provides customers the best-suited system for their facility, presenting detailed and reliable, real-time visibility reporting on how their systems and staff perform, regardless of brand or manufacturer.


Local Support

Our team are technically trained in your industry assets, to ensure the right contractors are reached for the job saving you time and money in rectification.

RTM can log into your systems, verify the registered problem and sometimes fix it immediately. If not, a ticket is raised with specific technical information to direct the contractor to the problem, and the resolution time is monitored and reported to you.