Interfacing & Integration

RTM Interface Solution

Connectivity across multiple industries for most systems.

As a hardware-agnostic solution, part of the power of RTM is its ability to receive and send information to a wide range of systems and devices.

The software provides an event-triggered communications point integration utilising all wired and wireless networks and systems with various interface options.   

In fact, from more than 12 years of integrating various products and solutions with our platform, RTM currently has over 300 interfaces in its arsenal, ready to go.

Every alert is logged into the RTM (SQL) Database for monitoring, reporting and auditing purposes, and we ensure the relevant staff are immediately notified via their preferred mode of communication. 

In addition, and due to the constantly evolving and emerging technologies, our team of highly trained Software Engineers are always ready to code a new interface, ensuring that your RTM technology solution will always meet, or exceed, your needs.

RTM Solutions Interfacing diagram


A software solution whose purpose is to integrate with various protocols and systems must have a robust and flexible architecture that allows for easy integration with different technologies.

One way to achieve this is by implementing an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the software to communicate with other systems and protocols.

The following protocols and systems are just some examples of what RTM Software can currently integrate with:

  • Aastra XML
  • AdvanceCare IP
  • AdvanceCare Serial
  • Android
  • Appva
  • Austco
  • Austco Tacera (TAP)
  • Bestlite Displays
  • Bosch
  • CarePlus Genesis
  • CareTech BUS (Output)
  • CareTech IP
  • CareTech Serial
  • Clima GPRS
  • Cnior
  • Cobs Open IP
  • Cobs SMART1
  • Cura1
  • E-Mail (Input)
  • E-Mail (Output)
  • Ekahau
  • ESPA 4.4.4
  • Espa 2
  • EMS Pagers
  • EWS Hot Water
  • Fire Panel AFP
  • Fire Panel AMPAC
  • Fire Panel Argina GMC Plus
  • Fire Panel Axis
  • Fire Panel CHUBB
  • Fire Panel Firenet
  • Fire Panel GE
  • Fire Panel Informa Chubb Ampac
  • Fire Panel MCP
  • Fire Panel Notifire AFP 3000
  • Fire Panel PELCO ESMI
  • Fire Panel Pertronics F120
  • Fire Panel Pertronics F220
  • Fire Panel Simplex Printer Output
  • Fire Panel Vigilant MX1
  • Fire Panel Vigilant F 4000
  • Hills
  • Rauland
  • Smart Caller
  • Xacom
  • And More

RTM’s Australian-based Software Engineers are constantly adding to our significant integration database and develop new integrations, for new Projects/Installations, as they are required.

Integration compatibility
Another important aspect of integrating with different protocols and systems is ensuring compatibility.

The software solution should be designed to work with various versions of the protocols and systems, and should be able to handle any differences or changes in the way the different technologies communicate.

In addition, the software solution should have built-in support for different types of input and output, such as E-Mail (Input) and E-Mail (Output), as well as support for different types of devices, such as GSM Modems, GPS Tags, and Fire Panels.

Overall, a software solution that successfully integrates with various protocols and systems must have a robust and flexible architecture, built-in support for different types of inputs and outputs, and compatibility with various versions of those protocols and systems.

With the right design and implementation, a software solution can seamlessly integrate with technologies such as those listed above.


RTM’s monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions.

The RTM software suite gives facilities and organisations a clear way to monitor and improve their processes and productivity.

Our monitoring software provides customers with the best-suited system for their facility, presenting detailed and reliable, real-time visibility reporting on how their systems and staff perform, regardless of brand or manufacturer.