Smart Monitor.

Providing your care staff with the information they need.

RTM Solutions Smart Monitor is a purpose-built display that aggregates events and shows the most important information in one convenient location.

Smart Monitor is a dedicated Display that can be configured to display events from one, or multiple areas, in real-time, assisting care staff and management in making timely and responsive decisions that lead to the delivery of a higher level of care for Residents and/or patients.

The RTM Smart Monitor’s main features are:

  • Displays alarm alert priority
  • Allows for more detailed information
  • Customisable sounds & volume for each alarm
  • Customisable home screen display when there are no active alarms
  • Split display option with a maximum of four views – at one time
  • Displays time and date
  • Alarm alert priority
  • BYO Display Monitor option available
Smart Monitor

RTM’s monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions.

The RTM software suite gives facilities and organisations a clear way to monitor and improve their processes and productivity.

Our monitoring software provides customers with the best-suited system for their facility, presenting detailed and reliable, real-time visibility reporting on how their systems and staff perform, regardless of brand or manufacturer.