RTM Solutions hospital markets, nurses and doctors in hospital ward

Facilitating immediate emergency response.

RTM software can help hospitals sustain the high-level performance and productivity expected of hospital staff.

Continuous system development and new emerging technologies can result in hospitals having multiple disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other or are exceedingly costly to integrate.

In a crisis, sending the correct information to the right people can literally mean life or death.   At its heart, RTM is a powerful integration engine that can interface with and receive alerts and alarms from a hospital’s various connective technologies and ensure that information is delivered to the most appropriate, pre-configured destination(s).

We live and work in a mobile world, and the RTM monitoring, reporting and messaging platform will pair with your hospital’s preferred information delivery system (Smart/Mobile Phones, DECT Phones, Pagers) to provide your Staff with the freedom of mobility while receiving real-time data.

RTM Solutions will work with you and your unique situation to achieve increased staffing and communication efficiencies and ensure the highest patient care levels are delivered.

RTM Solutions will work with you to solve your unique needs, from integrated communication to speed up OR turnovers to nurse call integration for improved patient and staff communication.

Optimise your nurse call systems.

Our monitoring software gives your staff the tools to maximise performance in high-intensity, time-sensitive situations.

For nurse call systems, pairing RTM with devices like Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) or mobile phones gives your staff the freedom of mobility while receiving real-time data.

RTM adds leverage by connecting your current nurse call system and phone system for better nursing outcomes.

Optimise your nurse call systems with RTM Solutions