RTM Security Solutions

RTM Technology boosts security system functionality.

We provide security solutions for environments where safety is paramount.

Government buildings dependent on functional security, like courthouses, prisons and airports, require event notification from existing security systems that will unify to become a single system.

Secure commercial locations generally need:

  • Access control
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Staff duress/panic buttons 
  • Standard security panels

RTM’s monitoring software utilises existing systems and builds customised alerting and security solutions for each site, which allows organisations to send direct alerts to personnel mobile devices. This real-time monitoring ensures your team responds to situations with correct, up-to-date information.


Your RTM security solutions.

Our reporting software provides the option of silent instant notifications to remove the chance of alarming members of the public within your facility. Alternatively, security alerts can be full alarms that will help members of the public exit your site.

Security alerts are sent to multiple device types, including:

  • Smartphones/ mobile phones
  • DECT phones
  • Corridor displays 
  • Email and more. 

RTM software also enables staff to acknowledge and action an alert from a device, reducing how many team members respond to a security alert. This ensures high-level productivity continues with staff undisturbed from their normal duties.