Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Identify and track staff and facility asset locations.

Our real-time monitoring software takes inputs from most systems and can also accept GPS coordinates from some smartwatches.

Proven Real-Time Location System software (and hardware) from RTM delivers a high-quality solution for tracking residents, patients, staff and/or assets while reducing the traditionally high cost of location tracking in healthcare.

With flexible installation and integration options, our RTLS solution has been designed and manufactured specifically to conform with both aged care and hospital environments, is ideal for tracking and reporting Minutes of Care, and can even include Duress functionality.

By using Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) for facility assets, RTM software can notify you of the device battery function. The last known locations are displayed in real-time using Map Man, so you will always know where your assets are.

RTM Real time monitoring solutions

RTM’s monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions.

The RTM software suite gives facilities and organisations a clear way to monitor and improve their processes and productivity.

Our monitoring software provides customers with the best-suited system for their facility, presenting detailed and reliable, real-time visibility reporting on how their systems and staff perform, regardless of brand or manufacturer.