About The Suite.

RTM Interface Solution

Real-time monitoring solutions for all of your assets across all locations.

A full historical suite of software applications.

We believe that the customer should always have the option to choose the best alarm/alert device on the market and easily integrate it into their existing systems.

RTM is a server and software suite that takes input events from virtually any system and presents that data as real-time dashboards and/or detailed automated reports. 

The software can be viewed as a middleware solution that collects data from virtually any source, enabling it to be centralised and for reports to be unified. There is also the option to have messages sent to other interface connections, as RTM will store, report and forward messages as required.

RTM can send messages to DECT Handsets, IP Phones, GSM/Smart Phones, Email Accounts, Display Monitors and RTM’s own interactive Smart Phone App. The monitoring software ensures the person(s) or group(s) responsible are notified immediately, and each alert is logged in the RTM Database (SQL), which allows users at any time to recall data in the form of reports.

The RTM Solutions Mobile App provides staff with a time-saving, efficient and interactive way to receive alarms, alerts and messages.

The RTM Suite saves you time and money. 

It provides users with essential information, gifting peace of mind your facility is delivering optimal performance and the highest level of care to your residents and patients. 

RTM Real time dashboard

Real Time Dashboard

RTM software offers a real-time dashboard that presents your data with an intuitive display as it happens.

The dashboard combines date-range historical data and real-time information to identify emerging trends and monitor efficiency and displays important data, including active alarms, average response times and the uptime of your systems.

This visibility of essential information gives you peace of mind that your facility delivers optimal performance and the highest level of care to your residents and patients. 

Navigate effortlessly through your facility’s Dashboard data. It has been made simple for you, the User.

Detailed Reports

Daily PDF emails of automated reports will display your sorted data in an easy-to-read layout.

RTM reporting software will show you what is happening at every site or allow you to easily create reports on demand. Using our pre-configured or customised reports, you can get a deeper insight into specific events and know where your resources are being utilised to make better decisions around your assets.

Automated Reporting
RTM asset monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Live information on your assets keeps you updated with utilisation and uptime.

You will be alerted if your assets are no longer reachable or if a specific threshold is breached. 

24/7 Call Centre

Our RTM Helpdesk Call Centre team is available anytime, day or night.

Healthcare is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year business and our highly trained Technical Support Team are always here to assist you and/or your contractor when on site. 

RTM 24:7 call-centre image

Local Support

Our team are technically trained in your industry assets to ensure timely rectification of any issues that arise, saving you both time and money.

RTM can log into your system, investigate and confirm the problem and, typically, rectify it remotely. If remote rectification is not possible, we will either notify the facility or can even manage the rectification process directly with their preferred contractor(s).